Leadership is about serving and empowering others

The Highest Rated CEO of 2017 Just Gave a Masterclass in Leadership

Glassdoor loveĀ ‘s annual list of the top 100 highest rated CEOs is based on how the employees of major corporations value their most senior leader.This year the highest-rated CEO was Benno Dorer from the Clorox Company and here is his philosophy.

“We have a leadership model that envisions the future and then we rally people around that future. I engage with my people in the ‘when’ but I leave it up to them on ‘how’ they accomplish what we want to accomplish. I try to empower people to do what they do best and stay out of their way. We always look at ourselves as a people company. Therefore, ideas need to come from the lunch room, not the boardroom. That’s exactly the type of environment we want to create.”

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